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Little Free Library

Little Free Library

Stumbled upon this beauty when walking in our neighborhood. I am not sure if any books were taken out of this little library, but more books definitely getting included here.

“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.”

― Jorge Luis Borges

In search for a perfect Markdown editor

It’s been a while since I started the search for a perfect Markdown editor. This is one of my favorite way for procrastination.
I do not want to spend too much time on this. However, the inner desire on writing pushes me toward this every now and then, and I have tried many writers.

I tried editors like:

as well as Blog editors like Medium, Ghost, or the newest WordPress.
These choices are all fine. Fine in the sense that they all work more or less similarly: Markdown syntax, live preview, export to other formats, etc.
However, I cannot say any of these tools actually helped me on getting my mind focused on writing.

For example, Ulysses uses its own file storage type, and there no way I can edit the files from other places (such as Vim) when needed. Ghost’s system seems to be a pretty clean and neat one, but due to nature of being a online-only editor (not its fault though), I just constantly have this uneasy (or insecure) feeling about it. (Note that I run Ghost on my own server, which I also wouldn’t trust 100%, which make my insecurity worse.) Other options have more or less similar reasons that make me think they are either too complicated for their usages or too insecure to provide a peace of mind.

So, I concluded my personal requirement for a good Markdown editor:

  1. Minimalism design to help me focus on content
  2. Plain-text storage to allow edits from other editors
  3. Multiple methods for online-backup

Looking at all these requirement, I came across the IMHO best Markdown editor (that I am writing this post on): iA Writer.

iA Writer’s design feels right. It puts all efforts on plain-text editing and storage. Multiple locations for storage and backup (I am currently using iCloud, but it supports any folder on my Mac, and I added my personal Resilio Sync folder if I want more privacy on my writings). And it is dead-simple to use and write on.

I feel like iA Writer is a powerful tool designed for writing and writing only. All supportive features like “type-writer mode,” external files support, incline picture, are all coming along to help users to write. This is my main feeling about this software, and it feels right.